Live Below the Line: April 29-May 03, 2013

Posted on April 11, 2013


It’s official! I am now part of the Live Below the Line campaign. Visit my Live Below the Line profile to learn more about why I’m participating and about the US Fund for UNICEF, which is the organization that I’ll be supporting in this campaign.

My goal is to raise $500 starting today until May 31st, which is when the donation window closes. The actual 5-day challenge starts on April 29 and ends on May 03. Please support me and the US Fund for UNICEF by donating whatever amount you can to my donation page.

Live Below the Line is a campaign by the Global Poverty Project that involves a 5-day challenge that asks participants to live below the current extreme poverty line, which is now $1.50/day. For the challenge, we can only spend $1.50 worth of food and drinks per day. This is definitely nowhere near the true situations of the 1.4 billion people that currently live in extreme poverty, especially because they have to budget more needs than food and drink on $1.50 a day, maybe even less, and for longer periods of time. But by being part of this huge global campaign, more and more people are becoming more aware about the harsh reality of extreme poverty that 1.4 billion people face everyday.

Throughout this campaign, especially during the 5-day challenge, please follow me on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and my blog for updates.

To learn more, please visit Live Below the Line.

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