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Posted on February 23, 2013


Whenever my 5 year old godson sees me, he comes up to me and asks, “iPhone?” Yes, he knows exactly what type of phone I have, and he is aware that it is packed with games that would entertain a 5 year old, and me, for hours. I have about 36 games, restaurant and travel apps, retail apps, social media, and a lot more. Recently, I’ve been downloading a few new apps, and grouped them as “Social Awareness.”

I found out about these apps through the organizations’ websites and by following them on different social media platforms. I use some more than others, but I think that they are all valuable apps for people like me who are on their phones more than on their computers. These apps are all free and they make helping really convenient, especially apps that let users donate right in them.

photo-1 copyThe Fair Trade app allows the users to find and add places around them where Fair Trade Certified products are sold. It’s a straightforward, easy-to-use app for people who are trying to be more conscious about buying Fair Trade products. The UNICEF, UN Foundation, and Global Citizen apps are concise versions of their respective websites. The apps have updates, information about their organizations, and different ways to involve users, such as methods to donate and games. The Free World app is the app version of, which aims to abolish modern-day slavery by empowering consumers and businesses to be more conscious about where products are made and by whom. In the app, users are able to indicate where they currently are, and it gives users options to do their part in ending modern-day slavery, one business establishment at a time. Users can drop facts about modern-day slavery or even start a signature campaign. Signing up can either be through Facebook or by registering as a new user. Charity Miles is a great app for active people, or people who want to be motivated to be more active. For every mile users walk, run, or bike, sponsors donate money to the charity you choose to walk, run, or bike for. Currently, you can choose from 19 different organizations that tackle different issues such as global health, hunger, and environmental protection. Currently, it uses GPS to track activity, so it’s still unable to work on gym equipment such as treadmills. Also, users have to sign-in with your Facebook accounts. The Shot@Life app is great for parents who want to keep a virtual record of their children’s milestones and add related photos. It also contains an immunization schedule that’s based on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Recommended Immunization Schedule, plus more information about the Shot@Life campaign and the United Nations Foundation.

There are probably many more apps out there that I’m not aware of, so feel free to share those with everyone. Also, since I have an iPhone, I’m not really sure which apps work on Android phones. The best part is, all of them are free.

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