I Want to Donate, But…

Posted on February 18, 2013


There was a time when physically handing someone my money or my credit card information felt safer than transferring money online. I was weary of the things I could not see, such as where my information went once I hit “send.” I didn’t like paying my bills online, and I wasn’t a big fan of online shopping.

Then just a few months ago, a person approached me at the mall and talked about the nonprofit organization he worked for. His organization, he said, helped provide for children living in underdeveloped countries. Everything sounded legitimate, and I actually recognized the organization’s name. I was willing to donate money to it, until he said that I had to write down my credit card information on the form that he handed me. I asked if I could donate online, and he said I couldn’t. So I apologized and walked away.

I prefer donating online because it is very thought bubbleconvenient. I could do it almost anywhere I have access to the internet, and I don’t need to carry cash to do so. If I’m busy, I can also just set a reminder for myself and bookmark the page so I can go back to it later. I also feel that sending my donations online is more secure than handing someone cash or my credit card information, especially if I see the paperwork just sitting there, visible to everyone who tries to take a peek. It also makes me feel more secure if I know that my donation online goes directly to the organization and that the money doesn’t go through anyone else. Donating online is also traceable. I know that no matter how you donate, you should be able to get a receipt of your donation. Knowing myself, though, I probably would lose that receipt if it was given to me in paper form. With online donating, I can have the receipt e-mailed to me and I can always retrieve it as long as I don’t delete the message from my inbox. I can use it for tax purposes, or for accounting personal expenditures. Also,donating online helps everyone save paper. I don’t have to print-out receipts since I get an e-mail confirmation of my donation. If I’m the person asking for donations, I can just e-mail everyone or direct them to the website to donate without handing out flyers or brochures. So donating online may probably appeal more to those who are environmentally-conscious.

I think that all of us who are involved in charitable organizations, whether as volunteers or staff members, have to be aware of who our target donors are in order to be more effective in fundraising. I think that we have to set-up a little bit of everything for everyone, such as having an online fundraising page and also accepting donations personally. We should also make use of other online tools, such as the Freerice online game set-up by the UN World Food Programme for those who want to help raise funds but don’t have the financial means to do so. In order to raise as much money as we can to help the causes and organizations we support, I think that creativity is really important.

Please consider donating to my US Fund for UNICEF online fundraising site or joining my WeFeedback Network to raise funds for the UN World Food Programme.

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