Oct. 24 is World Polio Day

Posted on October 24, 2012


In one of my previous posts (Eradicate Polio Now), I gave a brief overview of what Polio is and a few ways on how to support its eradication.

In this post, I’d like to focus more on the various ways I’m aware of to support eliminating Polio in the world completely. Please, if you know of any other organizations, events, or activities that also work towards a Polio-free world, share the information on the Comments section under this post.

  • You can massively share your support on Facebook and Twitter through Thunderclap. Once you choose to either share your support through Twitter and/or Facebook, your message supporting the end of Polio will be added to the hundreds of other messages that will be sent out together through supporters’ Twitter and/or Facebook accounts once the deadline is reached (930am EDT of Oct. 24, 2012). In order for the messages to be massively sent, the goal number of supporters has to be met. Right now, the number of supporters is at 622, which is 522 over the goal of 100. So your message will definitely be sent. (https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/436-world-polio-day-end-polio-now)
  • Shot @ Life is currently asking everyone to help vaccinate 40,000 children against Polio by Oct. 31. We can donate any amount, with a minimum of $5.00. Since it only costs less than $1.00 to vaccinate a child against Polio, donating $50.00 will prevent 50 children from contracting Polio. So donate now at https://secure.globalproblems-globalsolutions.org/site/SPageNavigator/SAL_Donate_Polio.html and get your family and friends to do the same, too.
  • Visit End Polio Now to learn more about Rotary International‘s fight against Polio. Here, you can learn about the history of the movement, the different people and organizations involved, and updates on what’s going on right now with regards to the campaign. A fun and supportive thing to do through this site, too, is to upload your picture making the THISCLOSE symbol. It’ll be like a global commercial supporting the end of Polio. You can also like End Polio Now on Facebook or Tweet about it on Twitter through links provided in the site. You can also donate to help fund supplies needed to get the vaccines to the children, such as vaccine carriers and the vaccines themselves. The End Polio Now site has a lot of the information and other tools you need to show your support to end Polio. Make sure to make the most out of them. (http://www.endpolio.org/)
  • You can also visit The End of Polio, which is a campaign by the Global Poverty Project. Here you can also get more information about Polio and the Action tab in this site will lead you to a number of ways to support ending Polio. Supporters can sign a petition to call on world leaders, download the Supporter Pack, which contains a number of tools for those who’d like to learn and do more, share the campaign through Facebook and Twitter, donate to Rotary International’s PolioPlus Fund, and many others. (http://www.theendofpolio.com/home/)
  • The US Fund for UNICEF also has a Polio Eradication section where you can find information regarding Polio and what UNICEF has been doing to fight against it. On top of reading about the latest updates on Polio and and the fight to end it, you can also donate to support UNICEF’s work to eradicate Polio. (http://www.unicefusa.org/work/health/polio/)

There are probably many other organizations, websites, groups, and individuals out there who need your support in the fight to eradicate Polio. I urge you to use the resources you have and your network of family, friends, and co-workers to learn more about what you can do and to spread the word about this fight. We really are so close – 99% reduction in Polio cases already. We’ve got 1% left and 3 endemic countries. What are we waiting for?


Don’t forget to share in the Comments section any other information you have about campaigns, organizations, websites, individuals, etc. that support the fight against Polio so that others may join, too.