H&M’s All for Children 2012 Collection

Posted on October 20, 2012


I’ve been needing new work clothes and thought about swinging by the H&M store close to my house after work today. I’ve bought a bunch of clothing items from them before because I found that I can mix-and-match the items easily to be able to wear them to both work and non-work related places.

I was browsing H&M’s retail website and stumbled upon their All For Children 2012 Collection, and found out that 25% of the purchases of products from that collection goes to the joint project between H&M and UNICEF.

It was a great find. I searched for more information about this partnership and the collection, and found out that since 2009, H&M’s partnership with UNICEF has been supporting the children of Tamil Nadu, India,  and in 2012, H&M started another joint project with UNICEF to support the children of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

So why specifically these two places?

According to H&M’s site, Dhaka is home to one of the world’s largest garment industries, and Tamil Nadu is one of the top cotton-producing areas in the world. Despite what seem to be industries supporting economic growth, children living in these areas still deal with problems such as child labour, trafficking, and poverty.

H&M aims to support about 2 million children and adults through these two projects with help from sales of items from the All For Children Collection and additional donations from H&M.

There are more brands out there that, like H&M, partner with charity organizations and donate a portion of sales to support community projects nationally and internationally. I think that it’s a good idea for us, as consumers, to be more conscious about the products we purchase and where we purchase them.

To view H&M’s All For Children 2012 Collection, visit http://www.hm.com/us/all-for-children.


I am not affiliated with H&M in any form other than being one of many who own H&M-brand clothing.

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