Women and the Presidential Debate

Posted on October 17, 2012


I only got to watch the last hour of the Presidential debate tonight, and I’m glad I was able to because both candidates were asked about their plans on improving the state of women with regards to economic opportunity in the United States.

I’ve written about the oppression of women in other countries, but we also have to realize that women in the United States continually face barriers to economic success. There are the direct issues that affect women’s opportunities for economic success, such as equal pay between men and women in the same work positions, and equal opportunity for men and women to apply for and acquire the same jobs. Then there are the indirect issues, such as contraceptive coverage, which I think will give women the opportunity to plan their lives in ways that will allow them to succeed both personally and professionally.

This presidential campaign brings out a lot of great issues that we must think about, but I’m glad that a woman stood up and made everyone, I hope, think about women’s rights.

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