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Posted on September 29, 2012


Why water? That’s the question that charity:water aims to answer to emphasize the importance of safe, accessible water. charity:water first answers this question by discussing the consequences of a lack of safe, accessible water. According to charity:water, children are most vulnerable to diseases caused by unsanitary drinking water, and out of the 30,000 weekly deaths due to unsanitary water, 90% are children below the age of five. Children and women are also directly affected by the lack of safe and accessible water, according to charity:water, because they usually are tasked to walk for miles to the nearest water source in order to acquire enough water to bring back to their homes. Their bodies are subjected to extreme physical stress, which leads to sickness and inability to work and go to school (charity:water). According to charity:water, the economies of communities that lack safe, accessible water are also affected because private companies that do have access to safe water charge a lot from the people who need the water.

Next, charity:water discusses the positive effects of having safe, accessible water. According to charity:water, access to clean water allows communities to grow their own foods and be more self-sufficient. charity:water also cites the positive effects that safe, accessible water has on gender equality due to the equal responsibility local men and women have in starting and maintaining the charity:water projects. Lastly, charity:water also acknowledges the ever-growing population, and its need for sustainable water sources for generations.

100% of public donations to charity:water go to water projects in communities all over the world. charity:water provides a map of all their water projects and a report for supporters to find out what projects their donations have supported. Private donors support charity:water’s organizational expenses, which is how charity:water can afford to send every public donation straight to water projects.

charity:water‘s September 2012 campaign focuses on a water project in Rwanda, where the hills of Rwanda have made it difficult for communities to have safe, accessible water. The goal is $1.7M, and charity:water is at about $879,000 currently. You can still help Rwanda have access to safe water by donating any amount you can and/or starting a fundraising campaign. To support other projects from charity:water, you can donate to water projects (and even dedicate your gift to someone), or sponsor a water project.

On December 10, 2012, charity:water will be having its annual charity:ball. It will be held at the 69th Regiment Armory in New York City, and tickets, according to charity:water’s website, will be coming soon. You can sign-up for updates if you’d like.

charity:water’s contact information is as follows:

200 Varick Street, Suite 201
New York, NY 10014
t. 1 646 688 2323
f. 1 646 638 2083

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