When I Learned to Read – A Poem

Posted on September 14, 2012


I met mermaids, dragons, hobbits, and knights.
I became a princess, a hunter, a vampire, a mad hatter.
I saw kingdoms, forests, wonderland, and new worlds.
I fought a big bad wolf and a witch with a gingerbread house.

When I learned to read,
I looked forward to everything I could achieve.
When I learned to read,
I found hope, faith, and love.

Please support non-profit organizations that promote education and literacy, such as UNICEF, Pencils of Promise, and Little Free Library. You can also donate books to local libraries, schools, orphanages, etc., and/or learn and promote how important it is to be literate and educated.

View one of my older posts to see a very informative graphic on the impact that literacy has on the world.

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