Imagine $1.25 A Day

Posted on September 14, 2012


Could I live on $1.25 a day? Do I even have the skills, the resourcefulness, and the will to live at $1.25 a day?

At $1.25, I could probably get a burger from a fastfood place, but I will have to ration it for an entire 24 hours. I’d probably have to live in a small shelter I’d call home, which I’d make myself with whatever materials I could find around me, without heat, plumbing, or my own access to safe drinking water, or any water at all. During natural disasters, my “home” would probably be the one of the first ones damaged. I definitely won’t be able to afford a car, and with $1.25 budget a day, I probably won’t even want to go anywhere. I won’t have my cellphone, so during emergencies, I’d be at the mercy of whoever would hear my pleas. I most likely will be wearing the same clothes everyday, unless I learn how to sew, although I’d have to also find materials to use.

How about my childhood? If I lived as a child today, and my parents only lived with $1.25 a day each, I’d have to go to the closest school that would offer free education, and it could be so many miles away from where I lived. Since I won’t have enough money to buy clothes or school supplies, I’d have to walk to school in either tattered footwear, since I’d be wearing the same ones everyday, or barefoot. I won’t have the school supplies I’d need to receive the full benefits of education. My brain won’t probably process information from class as much as I’d want it to because of my lack of nutrition. And all these, only IF there’d be a school I could go to that offered free education.

I could imagine so many scenarios in my life where I’d have to make the most of my $1.25 a day. According to the Global Poverty Project, there are 1.4 billion people around the world who currently live with $1.25 a day. They don’t even have to imagine. THEY LIVE IT EVERYDAY.

I ask you to also imagine what your life would be like with only $1.25 a day to live on. If you dare, you can even try actually living with $1.25 a day and see how long you’d last. I know it would be far from easy for me.

So let’s do what we can to help the 1.4 billion people out of extreme poverty. I’m not asking us to give up everything we have, because that would just add to the number of people living in extreme poverty. What I’m asking is for us to spare whatever amount we can afford, to use our talents and skills to help, and to raise awareness about this issue, because every type and amount of effort counts.

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