Shop Online, Save Lives

Posted on September 12, 2012


I received notice of a new Twitter follower yesterday (my handle: @i_thinkwantwill) and I saw that it was from @CharityGiftMrkt. Since I was curious as to who it was, I checked out their profile and website. is an online marketplace, just like websites of other retail stores, but it not only gives you a wide selection of merchandise, it also allows you to give back to different charities and causes.

Non-profit organizations (must be a 501c(3) organization) that sell merchandise as part of their fundraising programs are able to partner with and advertise their merchandise through the online store. Its goal is to assist non-profit organizations in advertising their merchandise and to allow smaller non-profit organizations to have access to a larger market. doesn’t charge fees from the non-profit organizations to sign-up, post products, or be featured, but there is a 5% service fee + credit card/PayPal fees. Also, the website is an online marketplace where shoppers can pick an item and process their purchase, but does not fulfill the orders – the charity that offered the items does.

I checked out their website, and they do have a variety of items from multiple non-profit organizations supporting a number of causes. It’s also a very user-friendly website, and shoppers could find items by type, charity, or cause. They also have a blog that readers could follow for updates.

To learn more, visit

Individual non-profit organizations, especially the larger ones, may have their own online shop available for supporters to purchase merchandise from, such as US Fund for UNICEF‘s online store, where you can buy merchandise for yourself or purchase a UNICEF-inspired gift, such as polio vaccines and emergency supplies, for those who need them the most. Fair Trade USA also has an online store (must register)where you can buy merchandise such as t-shirts, and I was told that tote bags will be coming soon. Make sure to visit individual non-profit organizations’ websites, too.

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