Children + War = ?

Posted on September 10, 2012


Since following US Fund for UNICEF and news organizations on Twitter, I’ve read a lot about the current situation in Syria. I became more aware of UNICEF‘s programs for the children and families affected, including establishing safe communities for refugees in neighboring countries.

I thought that in addition to telling people about the situations in war-torn countries in order to receive more assistance for programs that benefit those affected by war, it would also help if people know how war affects people, especially children.

I found a great informational document from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) entitled Children in War. It talks about what happens to children living in war-torn countries, how it affects their lives and their health (physical and mental), and the work that ICRC does to help them.

To learn more about the work that ICRC does for civilians affected by the crisis in Syria, please visit:

To learn more about the work that UNICEF does for the Syrian children refugees, please visit:

To donate to the US Fund for UNICEF to help protect the children affected by the crisis in Syria, please visit:

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